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Cardio or Strength Training? What do to first?  It all depends on what you’ll like to accomplish. If your intention is to lift heavy, then performing your strength training before your cardio session is a must.  Why? Because depending on how intense your Cardio routine is you may find yourself burned out by the time you hit the weights. This means you won’t be able to lift as heavy as you could especially on the days you train legs since cardio usually involves use of the legs more than any other body part. Also, when you lift weights you deplete your glycogen stores. The body usually uses glycogen stores before tapping into our body fat as a source of energy.  So by the time you hit your cardio machine you’ll be hitting your fat burning zone faster than cardio alone. This fact makes strength training then cardio the most effective way to train.

However, if muscle mass is not your goal and you are not planning on lifting heavy then you could certainly do your cardio before you strength train. Some people who really despise doing cardio may find it easier to get the cardio out the way first and then proceed with the strength training.  If your cardio routines are not highly intensive or lengthy in duration then doing your cardio first should not affect your training sessions too much.  Some people prefer to have strength training days and cardio days never doing both on one day.  My advice is if you do both on one day is keep your cardio at 20 or 30 minutes.  Whatever works best for you should be the first priority. Just don’t forget not to over train.


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