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Detangling The Next Step

Many of us with thick, coarse, wavy, curly or unruly hair have a hard time getting the results we want after a wash. If your hair falls into one of the categories described you may benefit from adding a crucial step to your washing routine-detangling. Detangling allows you to clean and condition your hair better. Some people prefer to detangle prior to getting in the shower and if this works for you great but some find that they lose too much hair. If you prefer detangling prior to your wash, then doing a hot oil treatment and then detangle while the oil is in the hair may be better. I recommend using a really moisturizing oil. My favorites are Olive and Coconut.  I believe the best method is to detangle after washing.  Here is the routine:

Part your hair into two sections (front to back) and wash each halve. Some people with really thick hair may need to part into four sections or more. After the rinse add an instant conditioner. My favorite is Herbal Essences Hello Hydration but any good detangler would work. Use a good detangling comb. I recommend Jilbere Shower Comb ( $1.99 @ Sallys). While your head is under the shower stream, detangle using the shower comb. The force of the shower and the conditioner will allow you to detangle quite easily with minimal hair loss. Only detangle while under the shower stream. Do you still need to conditioner again after this step? No, but remember, if your hair falls into the categories above not just any conditioner is going to work on your hair. The thicker the strands of your hair the more moisture it needs. I recommend following up with a good deep conditioner but do whatever works for your hair.




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