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Gel liners

Eye liners are one of the greatest makeup products ever made. But if have oily eyelids you are going to find that the average liner will fade or smear easily. You will constantly have to re-apply to even see the eye liner on your lids.  But there is some good news. Gel-liners are easy to apply and they put up a great fight with your oily eyelids.  They are thick and almost like solid paste that usually comes in a tiny glass container. It requires a brush to apply. Some companies sell the brush and the eyeliner as a set or you can  just by the brush separately anywhere.  I highly recommend a firm brush with  a slanted tip such as Avon’s Bent Eyeliner Brush ($1.99) which is angled for precision.  They last an incredibly long time and the only issue you’ll have is if you leave the cap off the container which may dry it out. If this happens just wet your brush and rub it over the surface of the gel.

Three of the best gel-liners are  Bobby Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner, MAC Fluidline and Stila Smudgepot. 

Avon Bent Eye liner $1.99    

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