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Everything to know about weighing yourself

 It always amazes me how many people do not own a scale.  Why is that? Its because many people really don’t want to know what their weight is because they know its not where they want it to be.  But lets think about this, if you want to lose weight how are you going to know your routine is working if you never step on the scale. And then you have the other extreme, people who weigh themselves twice per day. Why? What’s the benefit of this? Absolutely nothing! Take for instance, you wake up and you weigh 130lbs and then weigh yourself again before bed and your’re 135lbs. Do you think its possible to gain 5 lbs in one day? I don’t think so! People don’t seem to realize that the food you eat and fluids we drink add weight to our bodies throughout the day not to mention any bloat you might be experiencing as a result of hot weather etc. Don’t torture yourself! There is no benefit to weighing yourself at this frequency. Also, lets say you drank a liter of water at midnight then went to bed. Then woke up around 6 am and weighed yourself. I can assure you the scale is going to be a little off due to the large amount of water you drank before bedtime.  The point of mentioning this example is that there are a lot of factors influencing what the scale is saying you weigh. Some women suffer from serious bloating and water retention at certain points in their cycle. The scale helps you get a proximate idea as to where you are and serves as a valuable tool when you are trying to lose some weight.


1.       Always weigh yourself at the same time of the day preferable in the morning before breakfast

 Weighing yourself at different times could show weight differences of more than 5 lbs.


2.       Weigh yourself once per week

 Weighing yourself less frequently than this can give you a few surprises that you won’t be happy with. Placing weeks or even months between visits to the scale will end up giving you more heartache and pain than you bargained. No one wants to step up the scale and find out they gained 20lbs unexpectedly. I surely don’t want to be constantly having to diet and workout to lose weight. Weighing yourself once per week allows you to know where you stand and keep your weight close to where you desire.


3.       Keep yourself within 5 lbs of your goal weight

 Don’t constantly focus on every pound. Once you attain your goal weight, make a rule that once you hit 5lbs over that weight you need to start making better eating decisions or start hitting the gym a bit more etc. This allows you to make changes before the weight gain gets out of control.

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