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                                                Snack Attack


Whenever I mention to a friend or co-worker that diet is 70% of the work it takes to get fit; eyeballs begin protrude from their sockets and mouths begin to open wide in astonishment of such a fact. And, the response is: Really? No, not 70%!. No one wants to hear that we have to diet to get fit. We all want to hear that if we work out hard enough we can lose all the weight we want, look the way we want without watching what we eat. But I am sorry to tell you this but you are fooling yourselves. You are going to have to make adjustments to your diet if you want to see results. Some of us will have to make some major adjustments (you all know who you are). Some of these adjustments may be cutting out sugar, junk food or refined carbohydrates. But really this article is not about what your diet should be but specifically about what your snacks should consists of. Why snacks? Because this little meal is where a lot of us mess up. Ever decide to go for a “little snack” and ended up eating a whole tub, jar or bag of something without noticing. Which bring s me to the NO, NOs of Snacking.

Do not eat out of a tub, bag, jar or can. Pour yourself a serving. This even includes healthy snacks such as nuts because once you eat too much no snack is healthy anymore. Hey, I am not lecturing you! I have been there. One major snack fest can screw up your entire day.  I love cashews and buy them in bulk from the health food store and I can eat pounds (I am sad to say I have) of this if I eat it out of the bag. Just say NO! Same goes for ice-cream, crackers, chips or anything of that nature. Diet or not always share out a serving for yourself so you  don’t over do it.

Now, Lets talk about what and how you should be snacking. Everyone knows they should be eating six small meals a day, every 3-4 hours and that every meal should have some protein. So never snack on fruit alone. Add a piece of low fat cheese to eat with it (protein is more filling and staves off hunger longer). I believe every meal should be nutritionally worthy to go in my body so I make sure every snack has a good amount protein in them. Each of your six meals should divided fairly evenly; however some like to have two meals be a little bit smaller. These are the meals I am referring to as snacks. Here are some healthy protein items you can add to your meals or snack.

                        Snack                                                              Calories                     Fat          Protein                Carbs

1.       2% cottage cheese                                          90                           2              10                           10


2.       Greek non-fat yogurt                                     110                         0              15                           12

(Greek  yogurt has 3 times more protein than regular yogurt)


3.       Muscle Milk Light RTD                                    100                         0              15                           5


4.       cup Egg Beaters scrambled                      60                           0              12                           2


5.       Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey Protein 130                         1.5          24                           4


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