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What can water do for you?



Many of us rarely choose to drink water. We find it tasteless and well too plain for the modern day taste buds. We drink juices and other non-carbonated beverages making ourselves believe that because it’s not soda and it has some vitamins and minerals in them that it surely must be better than water.  The fact is water hydrates you like no other fluid can, its calorie free, it has no sugar and no fake stuff.   It helps to increase your metabolism, regulate your appetite, flush out toxins out of your body, helps you recover from injuries, decreases water retention, boost energy levels and without it you could be dead in three days.  Isn’t that enough?  Well let’s talk about the alternatives to water and how they stack up.

One of our favorite alternatives to water is juice.  Many juice products on the market are not 100% juice even though it may say so on the bottle, and because many are high in sugar you’ll find that you can never seem to quench your thirst. You in fact become thirstier as your body tries to deal with all that sugar. Then before you know it you have consumed hundreds of calories of juice and only God knows how much carbs and sugar.  Drinking too much high sugar juices will definitively put some weight on you.   Many of us consider juices to be healthy and don’t believe that juice can make you fat simply because it is a fat free product. However, research shows that sugar can make you fat even more so that high fat foods can.  And of course let’s not forget calories in vs. calories out.  If you’re drinking 10 glass of juice as day, with one glass packing 100 calories, then you just spent a thousand of your daily calorie intake and you haven’t even eaten yet.  Not to mention your daily carbohydrate intake.  Most juices have around 30 grams of carbs per glass with around 22-26 of that being sugar.

 Then the next step is to switch to low calorie reduced sugar types! Right? No, wrong!! Sugar substitutes have a boat load of side effects, two of which includes bloating and gas!! Nothing is worst than having a pregnant belly when you’re trying to look great in your new dress.  Further, consuming diet juices will still make you crave more sugar though no real sugar is in them.  These diet juices still taste rather sweet but with an after taste. And, you‘ll find that the more you consume them the worst your bloating and gas will be.  The only thing worse than these juices are caffeinated sodas and diet sodas. That combo will dehydrate you and make you retain more water. The thing to do here is to simply cut it out totally.  Why spend hundreds of your daily calorie intake on beverages when you can put all of it to food. Doesn’t that make sense? What about those sports drinks? They usually have less calories and sugar than juice.  Yes, but with around 50-70 calories per 8 ounces and 14 grams of carbs and sugar, they are still a NO NO! It’s just not worth it.

How much water should you consume per day? Between 64 and 128 ounces. A good rule of thumb is at least half your body weight in water. Sounds a lot! Well, yes it is but if you can do that you’ll find that you’ll be dropping pounds just by drinking water alone. Now, doesn’t that sound great!  Here are some other great examples of what water can do for you.

         regulate appetite

         increase metabolism

         boost energy levels

         less water retention

         alleviate some headaches

         help reduce high cholesterol

         ease joint pain

         decrease in risk of some cancers

         less chance developing kidney stones

         release toxic waste products

         improves skin

         Keeps your brain healthy

         Decrease risk of heart attacks


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